For more than 20 years Indonesian workers have been employed in South East Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the South Pacific.


In many cases they’ve played a critical role in helping build local economies. In Malaysia, for example, Indonesia construction works have assisted in much of that nation’s rapid urban and industrial development, while Indonesian plantation employees have been involved with the recent surge in palm oil production. Indonesians working overseas have won an enviable reputation for cheerfulness, tenacity and adaptability and for not being afraid of hard work.


Discerning employers in the healthcare industry in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore prefer Indonesians because they are known to be more patient, careful and considerate towards children, they handicapped and elderly people.


Indonesian don’t have overseas settler ethic. While they are prepared to spend years working abroad their families, they return to their homeland once their contracts are completed.


Binamandiri is a family business company in recruitment Industry that has been run for 2 generations for almost three decades. Despite the weakness of Family business, Binamandiri has transformed to p

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