In 2013, Binamandiri has been awarded as Sole recruitment vendor for Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and 9 of its subsidiaries companies under OSSC. With the demand of 500 engineers for Oil and Gas, it is certainly a big challenge for us.


Indonesia is blessed with vast Mineral resources throughout the country. Many international Oil and Gas, Mining and Heavy Industries companies, e.i CNOOC, Rio Tinto, Newmont, Total, invest heavily in the exploration and exploitation of the resources.


Those workers who have worked in such company is the best candidates for Binamandiri to recruit, where they posses Excellent skill and International experience.

Binamandiri can supply workers from Trade Workers, Draughtsman, Technicians, Operators, and Engineers up to Senior Engineers with minimum 5 years experience internationally and domestically.


Currently we are focusing and expanding more in OIL and GAS, MINING and HEAVY INDUSTRIES.



International cruise ships favor Indonesians for their cabin and restaurant staff because they are consistently cheerful, willing and have the knack of getting on with people from all nations. Indonesian friendliness isn’t forced-it’s genuine.  Their smiles have no OFF switch. Binamandiri can supply experience and well-trained workers for the hotel and restaurant industry, including:


  • Kitchen Department (Cooks/Chefs )
  • F&B Staffs (incl. Fast Food Staffs)
  • Housekeeping Staffs
  • SPA staffs
  • Receptionists and Back office Staffs
  • Engineering Department
  • Wait Staffs


Binamandiri selects graduates from accredited Tourist Colleges in Indonesia who have worked in 4-5 stars Hotels and Fine Dining Restaurants dealing with foreign guests. They are abreast of modern standard in hygiene, service and visitor care, and well versed in the use of cooking equipment, cleaning gear and chemicals.


Our respecitive clients are, not limited to: Radisson Blu (Kuwait), Therma Hotel (Slovakia), Eden Group (Czech Rep), Safir Hotel (Kuwait), Mc Donalds (Bahrain), La Digue Lodge (Seychelles) and many others.



Binamandiri can supply from Labour up to High Skilled Forestry / Agriculture Technician / Managers:


  • General Farm Workers
  • Inseminators
  • Fruit and Vegetable pickers
  • Palm oil plantation workers
  • Industrial Forest Workers


Binamandiri sources workers with the assistance of the progressive Farm Cooperatives in East Java area. Handpicked staff have been employed on farms in East Java working with miclh cows from Australia for a minimum of three years full-time. They are competent in animal husbandry and the use of modern equipment and chemicals.


With the rich natural resources and fertile soil, Indonesia is covered with Plantation and forestry where 60% of Indonesian population are in Agriculture sectors, which the source of qualified and hard working agriculture workers. Our placement is scattered in Malaysia, Canada and New Zealand.



With 2000 Nursing Colleges and 75 Medical Faculties throughout Indonesia, certainly Indonesia is a potential resource to fill the huge gap of health staffs throughout the world. Binamandiri can provide:


  • Caregivers
  • Midwives
  • General Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Radiographer
  • Analyst

Binamandiri’s caregivers are qualified and have had experience in Taiwan and Hong Kong with senior citizens, people and children with disabilities and special needs. They are fully aware of modern standards in medical treatment, hygiene, dietary and exercise requirements and 24-hours-care. Theyar are competent in the use of modern medical equipment for home nursing.



Currently Binamandiri is decreasing the quantity of placement for Domestic Workers for only 5% of its total placement due to recent measurement of Indonesian regulation, without lowering our high standard of quality. We focusing and expanding our Domestic Workers placement to  Canada and East Europe while still entertain our discerning clients in Asia Pacific.

We have 22 years experience supplying experience and trained workers who have been trained in our modern Training Center, these include:


  • Baby Sitter
  • Caregivers
  • Butlers
  • Cooks
  • Gardeners
  • Drivers


Binamandiri is a family business company in recruitment Industry that has been run for 2 generations for almost three decades. Despite the weakness of Family business, Binamandiri has transformed to p

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